Water scarcity in India and its future

The best things in the world are free – that is the common saying. However, the reality is much different now. Best things are probably the costliest. Water is one such thing. India is one of the adversely affected countries that is facing the scarcity of water for over a decade now.  The South and Northern part of the country is badly affected. Study shows that only 33% of Indian province has access to natural water. The problem might get worse in the near future. This is never ending and people are suffering badly. The price of water is increasing day by day.


The future of the water scarcity is sure to increase in the due course of time. Increased water pollution and huge human trafficking,  is eventually leading to blockage of water bodies. We are solely responsible for our own destruction and thereby the destruction of the world. We are aware of this but very little is done to rectify it. Therefore, we need to join hands and find a solution that will be best for not only us but also for our future generations. Afterall, we cannot simply leave a dessert for  the next-generation with the burden of our continuous mistakes.


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