A comparison between safe drinking aspects of tap water and mineral water

The question about drinking water that often strikes your mind is that whether the water obtained from the tap water is safe  for drinking or not. Here is a brief to understand that is it really safe? Often you get happy by assuming that the water is safe as it is clean, tastes fine and has no bad odor in it. It is high time that that you come out of the assumptions as most of the contaminants are tasteless, odorless and colorless and that is why the criteria do not stand valid in this case and it is very much likely that the water might bear pollutants and chemical elements that could not be detected even.

Therefore, it is really important to avail filtered water and to have the water tasted at regular intervals. A filter ensures that the water is protected by eliminating the unwanted elements from it. It saves your money from medical expenditure and assures that you have tastier and healthier water. The best option for drinking water happens to be mineral water as it is rich with natural properties and good for health.  The best part about mineral water is that they come from natural sources with little or no pollution and due to the presence of minerals the taste is also good. Still, filtered tap water is always the right choice as they are unbeatable in terms of affordability and they bear eco friendliness too. As the tap water comes after vigorous treatment in the plant, hence there are little chances that it will have some form of contaminants

Thus both tap water and mineral water have specific advantages, as the former is economic, available in large scale and the later on the other hand is healthier, pure and natural.

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