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A comparison between safe drinking aspects of tap water and mineral water

8 January, 2018
The question about drinking water that often strikes your mind is that whether the water obtained from the tap water is safe  for drinking or not. Here is a brief to understand that is it really safe? Often you get happy by assuming that the water i...
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The mistakes to avoid while establishing a mineral water plant

8 January, 2018
Investing in a mineral water plan is a great business option in India right now.  The demand for safe drinking water is continuously increasing as they are the options to the country to fight against contaminated water and that is the reason there h...
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Water scarcity in India and its future

20 February, 2019
The best things in the world are free – that is the common saying. However, the reality is much different now. Best things are probably the costliest. Water is one such thing. India is one of the adversely affected countries that is facing the ...
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The Necessity of An Efficient Iron Removal Plant in Kolkata

26 July, 2019
In today’s world, water treatment plants have a role to play in each and every sector. These plants use cutting-edge technologies and automation of an advanced level to purify water.   The Process of Decontamination of Water   Water treat...
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